Electric 'Legends of the Volt' Tour 8/12

Electric recently made the transition back to being independently owned, and are hitting to road to celebrate their newfound freedom and return to their roots. The Legends of the Volt trailer will be in tow showcasing the latest and greatest shades and good times that the Electric crew has on offer.  

Catch Surf Visit ~ 6/22 4-6PM

The Catch Surf crew will be visiting the shop on Thursday afternoon, 6/22 from 4-6pm. Custom board stamping, autograph signing, BBQ, GOOOOOOD TIMES!

NikeSB x Transworld Skateboarding DIY Project

NikeSB gave us and 13 other shops a $500 gift card to build a DIY spot, film it all, and put up an edit on Transworld Skate for the world to vote on. Top 3 shops will get another $1000 to add to the spot. This epic epic piece is what you get with Jeremy McNamara on camera and a group of shop skaters and supporters involved like Evan Johnson, Jasif, Alex Blanchard, Nick Gorham and Reid Nikolaieff. Voting open until 6/18 vote HERE