Proof Lab has partnered with environmental nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf  – to help provide our local Marin community with a pathway for recycling small amounts of their household-based "used styrofoam packaging."  We know this type of material can/does end up in our waterways, waves and beaches around the San Francisco Bay, and so we are proud to be a long time participating partner in Sustainable Surf's 'Waste to Waves' recycling program, to help solve issues around marine plastic pollution. 

This program is designed for individuals with one-time,  styrofoam packaging recycling needs – we can not accept styrofoam packaging material from commercial businesses. 

This program is only available at our Surf Shop storefront: 244 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley.

Please read all the program rules below before you bring anything to Proof Lab – and note: we do often reach storage capacity in between the pick-up dates, at which point we have to stop accepting any more styrofoam.  To save yourself a trip ( just in case we are already full), please call the shop at 415-380-8900 before you come, to see if we are still accepting foam on any particular day. 

Sustainable Surf's 'Waste To Waves' program – Styrofoam Recycling Rules:

  1. We can only accept CLEAN, used styrofoam packaging materials, labeled with a #6 recycling code number on it. Styrofoam-based protective packaging is lightweight, bright-white colored and hard, and you usually end up with it when you buy a new TV or computer, or order a box of stuff from Amazon.

  2. We do NOT accept any food related styrofoam packaging items (no cups, trays, egg cartons, etc.). We do NOT accept any styrofoam packing peanuts (you can take them to any FedEx/Kinkos store and they will reuse them). We do NOT accept any construction or building related styrofoam materials ( no insulation panels, hot tub covers, etc.). We do NOT accept dirty/smelly styrofoam coolers.

  3. We can only accept one large garbage bag (maximum size 55 gal bag) of styrofoam every 2 weeks per individual due to storage and transportation constraints.

  4. Styrofoam packaging has to be delivered to Proof Lab in a large garbage bag – we cannot accept loose pieces of foam due to storage issues.

  5. All styrofoam needs to be delivered to our staff at our Mill Valley Surf Shop location (244 Shoreline Hwy) during normal business hours. Please do not dump styrofoam anywhere on our property, especially after-hours. We are open 10-6 everyday.

Thanks for helping us, help you, help keep Marin clean!

What happens to the styrofoam packaging we collect? Check out the video below from our partners at Sustainable Surf to see for yourself, or read below:

Sustainable Surf sends the collected material down to their partners at Marko Foam in SoCal once every 2 weeks, in a delivery truck that would have been going down there empty anyways. One there, the used styrofoam packaging is reprocessed into a new raw material for creating new surfboard foam blanks by Marko Foam. Those blanks can then be bought by your favorite surfboard shaper to make your next custom ECOBOARD (certified by Sustainable Surf via their ECOBOARD Project program) – which you can order directly through Prooflab from the crew at the front desk !