After 7 very successful years of recycling a shipping container full of foam every 2 weeks, our program has unfortunately ended due to lack of facilities available to recycle the foam. We used to send it all down to Southern California to get processed back into new surfboard blanks, but the processor moved to Utah so this unique program had to be suspended.

The closest facility that still accepts styrofoam is the El Cerrito Recycling Center. They accept: “Clean white block styrofoam, no packaging peanuts, no cups or food containers.”

We encourage people to remember the adage: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and to try to think of recycling as a last resort option. In many ways the state is discouraging recycling facilities of this material because they are more focused on banning its use entirely. Some of the same traits that make it a good packaging material make it a very difficult/uneconomic material to recycle (namely light and bulky). It also breaks apart easily so contamination is very hard to contain.

We are also big fans of Extended Producer Responsibility laws, which call on the original producers and manufacturers of products and materials to take more responsibility for the full life cycle of their creations. Vocal public support (and letters to elected officials) for these types of laws could go a long way to helping clean things up!