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About Us

Our mission is to make the best local surf/skate/outdoor shop, focused on community building and connecting people with the outdoors

Surfer Magazine Feature

This episode transports you north of the Golden Gate Bridge to Proof Lab, a sprawling shop in redwood-lined Mill Valley, California. The founders of Proof Lab, Will Hutchinson and Nate McCarthy, set out to build more than just a place to pick up the surf equipment needed to survive along the wild Northern California coast—they wanted to create a community hub. The shop boasts everything from a massive indoor skate bowl, to music classes, a pottery studio, plant nursery, even a biodiesel fuel station. It’s a destination shop for surfers throughout Northern California and a cherished part of the Mill Valley community. A dream surf shop, unlike most any surf shop you’ve ever seen.


Vissla Shop Talks

Shop Talks | Proof Lab from Vissla on Vimeo.


Our Proof Lab San Rafael shop is dedicated to pushing the skateboarding scene in Marin County. 

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